Design a sustainable system to enrich senior care program
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Service Design
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This pro bono initiative looks at the local senior care & service centers, develops a pilot program to involve more professional individuals to pitch in the topic of the aging society, and designs a way to inject fresh content into existing senior community programs.

"Aging" takes continual and collective effort to engineer better and better solution

The Challenge: How might we minimize the barriers to involve/invite more people to part-take in senior care initiatives.

Interview fieldwork with community elders

The Solution: By inviting people to speak on their professions and translate their knowledge/practices into course content similar to a modern-day HR video training program. And develop a course program platform that is easily accessible and replicable to any social worker.

A system that will gain involvement of wider public and equip social workers with constantly-updating content

Demo course video-shoot
Demo course video-shoot
Demo course video-shoot
Demo course video-shoot

Demo course video created by expert sports psychologist

We named our initiative "senior optimizing league" to indicate that we will be a supporting force to the frontline social workers and created an identity and a series of material that could further benefit our audience.

Visual identity for the platform that will provide certified program

Online platform available to all
Online platform available to all
Website that communicates our purpose
Website that communicates our purpose

Instruction booklets for each of the courses to further help social workers

Courses are divided into two categories: mind and body

We launched a pilot program for 12 weeks, and within that period, many course instructors and assistants were trained and then dispatched to a number of community care centers. It is incredible to see how professionals volunteered, and their knowledge is now becoming part of the service to bring new energy nationwide.

Pilot program and training camp. 42 course instructors and 30 course assistants trained.

12-week pilot program on site (at Keelung First Care Center and Keelung Barcelona Community).

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