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Mosquito causes millions of death with the diseases they carry; compare to Covid-19 that brought a global pandemic in 2020, the mosquito-transmitted disease poses an even greater threat to human lives.
Asia and Latin America have reported high Dengue counts, reach eight times higher than in the past 20 years. North America and Europe face new breeds of mosquito, warm winters brought by global warming, which means these insects can continue to infect our neighborhood throughout the cold seasons. In the past 30 years, regions that suffer from mosquito-transmitted diseases have risen from 9 to 127 countries.

Diseases carried by mosquito can become the cause of the next epidemic

Mozi illuminates soft safety signal at night and disperse mosquito repellent at the same time

The Solution: A strap-anywhere mini device illuminating soft safety signals and delivers a multi-layer repellent against mosquitos. 

Repellent cartridge unit

While most products offer a single source of mosquito repellence, Mozi includes UV LED light at a specific frequency that repels insects, in addition, a repellent cartridge made of natural ingredient dispersing incense disliked by mosquitoes. Together, it offers safe and dual-layered protection for you.
You can choose to use the clipper or strap that comes with the device to flexibly fix Mozi wherever you think best signals to others that you are coming (in the case of a night owl jogger) or wherever needed to be mosquito-free (such as the ankle of a kid). Flexibility makes Mozi easy and fun to use. 

A fun, easy to use safety signal and mosquito repellent

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