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We are born in a time of change. 2020 is full of unexpected events and shifts in our lifestyle. But with changes, comes need, and with needs comes innovation. We believe business and creative mindset married can produce impact. We believe resilient and profitable solutions will emerge with each of our combined talents. This idea gave birth to ONEDOR.
We work agile, we formulate our strategies and engage
the market as soon as reasonable to learn and 
grow our ideas,
because the responses from users produce honest feedback and is evidence on which we root our concepts.
We are a cross-disciplinary team that encompasses talents from many fields, from business analysis to design. Because we believe innovation requires meticulous and humanistic thinking, and we are both.
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Tenniel Liu
Director, certified scrum master, Carbon Accountant
Tenniel is the founder of Exodus and a certified scrum master. He previously worked at the innovation division of the prominent technology research institute ITRI, where he leveraged design thinking in commercializing technology. 
With over ten years of experience in design and innovation, working with various clients from the public sector, international brands, and startups, Tenniel can define a project's holistic development journey and call forth the appropriate design method to reach the objective.​​​​​​​
Rui Sampaio
Industrial and product design, patent strategy
​​​​​​​​​​​Rui is a studio partner of Exodus that oversees industrial and product design. He re-engineered our design process with design thinking and scrum at its base; to be more inclusive and progressively deliver value throughout the project. 
With over 25 years of experience, Rui has collaborated with various international clients worldwide and in Taiwan. His human-centric design approach deep dives into the use cases with the user and identifies key problems to resolve and present solutions favored by the client, user, and award juries. 

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